Puns vs Opposites: This artist’s different approach of the world, illustrating opposites of everyday objects


This funny approach of Teo Zirinis, AKA handsoffmydinosaur, is another inspired view of the world and everyday life masterfully show in his drawings. Based in the capital city of Greece, Athens, he creates funny illustrations inspired by food, books, cartoons and everyday life.

In our point of view, we think his just an optimist, always looking at the half-full side of the glass, sharing his approach with the world.

“Puns are simply the best. One of my favourite things to do is to come up with silly word plays which I then bring to life with my illustrations,”

Says Teo.

Even though his illustrations are funny, we still appreciate it as art, and the work and inspiration of making these drawings will make you feel the same way.

“This time around I thought it would be amusing to think of a series of puns and their opposites!”

Teo Zirinis

Check out his gallery below!

More info: HandsOffMyDinosaur | Instagram | h/t


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