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This Couple Is Spending Their Time Recreating Famous Movie Scenes

This social distance has made people have much more imagination than they had before, like this couple which recreating famous movie scenes. It’s fantastic how much imagination people can have when they spend so much time in the house. Fanni and Norbert are two hungarians who spent their times recreating famous scenes from movies. The scenes recreated by them contains different elements from the original ones, found randomly through the house. The couple confesses that they wanted to start this project earlier, but they didn’t have time to do it. During this time they also invested time into other activities such as sewing masks or learning new languages. The images made by them arouse admiration who felt amused by their transformations. If you want to see something funny in these monotonous days, we invite you to enjoy these sarcastic images.

“We mainly choose themes for the series based on which setting we can pull off and which is relatable to the topic of quarantine in general,” Fanni added. “We have been thinking about something like this for quite some time but now we finally have plenty of time to make it happen.”


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