This Disabled 27-Year-Old Draws Positive Images With Her Feet That Often Depict The Happy Family She Never Had


Huynh Thi Thanh can’t control her limbs to perform daily activities, so she just lies on the floor and uses her feet to grab the crayons to draw. The pictures she draws are innocent, optimistic, full of color, and depict a happy family that Thanh didn’t have. However, she draws them with a variety of emotions. Her feet work magically as she uses them to grab crayons between her toes while her body is twisted. It’s hard and painful to see that.

Thanh has a beautiful dream to draw with her feet and sell her art to support her mother in daily expenses. Her mother is the only support that she has. She takes care of her every day by feeding, giving her water, washing and much more. She never lets Thanh out of her sight. Sometimes Thanh’s mother pretends that her pictures are sold for thousands of VND to motivate her to live and spread happiness every day.

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