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This Japanese Youtuber Turns Rice Balls Into Incredibly Cute-Looking

Probably most of us appreciate the taste and appearance of a food but this youtuber can transforms it into special art just use rice balls. The taste is really important, but the food should also have a pleasant, appetizing appearance.

This Japanese YouTuber has a perfect talent for making rice balls in different shapes and forms. What can give you a pleasant feeling is that rice can have different animal shapes such as cats, seals but also extraterrestrial forms. The YouTuber imagination can surprise you, and his detailed work, you do will arouse your curiosity.

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#1 As well as popular culture


His channel is called “Onigiri Gekijou”, which translates to “Onigiri Theater”and Onigiri is a traditional Japanese dish that is made up of small balls (or triangles) that are filled with salt or sour and wrapped in dried seaweed.

#2 Which are entertaining and easy to follow

This kind of food is very popular in Japan, most of the shops is needed to supply with different Onigiri of shape, forms and tastes. This type of food is possible to find in Japanese restaurants because it is very popular in Japan.
These pictures will definitely be on your “taste”.

#3 This YouTuber makes the cutest rice balls ever


#4 The creations are inspired by Japanese folklore


#5  The author of the YouTube channel offers step by step instructions on how to make onigiri

Image credits: Onigiri Gekijou


#6 See the video tutorials below for making these offbeat rice balls

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