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This Siberian Photographer took Breathtaking Photos of Indigenous People Around The World, Collected in More Than 10 Years!

On his amazing trips, Alexander Khimushin managed to capture the beauty of the raw, natural life, that is extraordinary and out of the ordinary.
His journeys took him in the most inaccessible corners of the world, in the search for the perfect photographs of the indigenous people, as they are, in the pure and beautiful nature,  far away of our so-called civilisation.

Please enjoy his journey, through his eyes.

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#1 Dukha Woman; Darkhad Valley, Khovsgol, Northern Mongolia
#2 Bodi Woman; Mago River, Debub Omo, Southern Nations Region, Ethiopia
#3 Sepik Papuan Girl; Ambunti, East Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
#4 Mongolian Kazakh Man; Targyn, Bayan-Ölgii, Western Mongolia
#5 Ixil Girl; Santa Maria Nebaj, El Quiché, Guatemala
#6 Even Girl; Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, North East Siberia
#7 Ulchi Girl; Amur River, Far East Of Siberia
#8 Negidal Woman; Amgun River, Far East Of Siberia
#9 Aboriginal Man; Pormpuraaw, Gulf Of Carpentaria, Cape York, Australia
#10 Papuan Woman; Tambul, Eastern Highlands Of Papua New Guinea
#11 Aboriginal Woman; Lockhart River, Cape York, Queensland, Australia
#12 Buryat Woman; Baikal Lake, Buryatia Republic, South East Siberia
#13 Khik Woman; Wakhan Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan
#14 Tz’utujil Woman; Lake Atitlán, Guatemalan Highlands, Guatemala
#15 Soyot Man; Oka River, Buryatia Republic, South East Siberia
#16 Hamar Woman; Turmi, Debub Omo, South West Ethiopia
#17 Huli Man; Tari, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea
#18 Afar Woman; Danakil Depression, North-East Ethiopia
#19 Papuan Girl; Massy, Western Highlands Of Papua New Guinea
#20 Sakha Shaman; Lena River, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, North East Siberia
#21 Orochi Woman; Coast Of The Sea Of Japan, Far East Siberia
#22 Nganasan Boy; Dudinka, Taimyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia
#23 Dolgan Man; Dudinka, Taimyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia
#24 Nenets Man; Tukhard, Taimyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia
#25 Oroqen Man; Alihe, Inner Mongolia Province, People’s Republic Of China
#26 Mam Man; Todos Santos, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
#27 Kaqchikel Man; Los Encuentros, Solola, Guatemala
#28 Karo Woman; Omo River, South West Ethiopia
#29 Udege Man; Krasny Yar, Primorie, Far East Of Siberia
#30 Yukaghir Man; Kolyma River, Sakha Republic, North East Siberia

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