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This Street Artist Creates Amazing Beats with just some Buckets, Pans and Pipes

We’re proud to say that we’ve seen Dario Rossi live, doing a whole 40 minutes show for us, using only his buckets, pans, woks and charisma. 
Many will say that Techno music was first, and Dario Rossi just imitates that, but listening to him live, we could say it’s the other way around.

Music is something you feel, it’s not something you hear.

Born in Italy and performing on the streets of Rome, Dario Rossi gained his fame on YouTube, having many million views videos uploaded by strangers meeting him on the streets.

Following his passion, Dario released his first single “Alarm Clock” in April 2018. Check it out:

Of course, we saved the best for last. 
His latest video edit, a Clubberize & Mashup Production, is starring Dario Rossi and dancer Aida Gonzales. It’s called BARCELONA on the BEAT.



More on Dario Rossi’s Official YouTube Channel

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