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Thomas Duke Connect Real World With Film Scenes

Thomas Duke, known as steppingthroughfilm is an artist who travels and conect the real world with scenes of our favorite movie. He has an incredible idea to combine the scenes with their locations. Thomas has 154k followers on his Instagram account where posts his masterpieces, most of they attracted by the perfect framing of scenes. Being from London, he starting this passion in 2017, artist goes to different locations to find and establish perfect frame of which the scenes will belong.

Artist attached great importance to details, the images reflect the film in a real world, blending perfectly with the scene of the respective movie. His passion for film and photography lead him to 150 locations where was presented scenes of the movies below , most of them around London. He took some great pictures, from famous movies like Harry Potter, The Avengers, The Joker, Black Omens, Skyfall and many more.

“I’ve loved film all my life, it allowed me to escape into such a wonderful world away from all of my worries, so exploring the very locations where all of that magic was born just felt so perfect and was so much fun—still love doing it today,”

More info: Instagram | Facebook

#1 Harry Potter


#2 Star Wars

#3 Spider-Man

#4  Spider-Man: Far From Home

#5  Skyfall


#6 Inception

#7 The Devils Wears Prada

#8  The Theory Of Everything

#9 Home Alone 2


#10 Elf

#11 Bohemian Rhapsody

#12  Good Omens

#13 Man In Black: International


#14 The Crown

#15  Downton Abbey

#16 Last Christmas

#17 The Joker


#18  Harry Potter

#19  The Little Mermaid

#20 The Devil Wears Prada

#21  The Avengers


#22  The Hunger Games

#23 Mary Poppins

#24 Sex Education

#25 Monsters, Inc.


#26 Rocketman

#27  1917

#28  Paddington

#29 The Avengers


#30 Black Widow

#31  The Avengers

#32  Spider-Man: Far From Home

#33 Bridget Jones’s Diary


#34 Forrest Gump

#35  Avengers: Endgame

#36  Avengers: Endgame

#37 Enchanted


#38 The Avengers

#39 Sherlock Holmes

#40  Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

#41 Avengers: Infinity War


#42 Harry Potter

#43 Thor

#44  The Avengers

Take a look:


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