Tomohiro Yasui Transform Ordinary Things Into Action Figures

Japanese artist, Tomohiro Yasui creates hand-made action figures from various useless materials, he is known for his analog and digital works, professional fighting masks, kigurumi costumes, his Kami-Robo paper robots and many other handmade works by different materials. Figurines represent the different heroes invented by him or different characters, who deserve their own comic books.

The artist Tomohiro Yasui created the works from materials like as paper, resin, recycled parts, wool, old toys and many other materials not helpful or not good-looking.

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The action figures are created with great attention and precision, him transform the old objects into different action figures that can be positioned in different backgrounds or situations. The duck hero created from a duck toy and some wire. He transform the simple toy into a superhero who can be a future toy. It is not surprising that the figures has the structure of a robot, considering the passion of the artist for robots. Tomohiro Yasui has been creating these impressive works for 35 years, to date with more than 600 works created.



















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