What a Flirt !

How many times have you stopped on your way just to cuddle a baby? We all love cute little babies and they truly deserve all our love!

And nothing makes us happier than when they actually react to us! A cute smile or maybe a finger grab? That would make our day, wouldn’t it?

But what if, you approached a little one and instead of their cute smile, you meet a flirty little smile? That’s exactly what happened when this woman tried to be cute with a stranger’s baby.

The baby can be seen sitting at a table while this woman passes by. She makes a little gesture with her hands. An attempt to maybe squeeze those chubby cheeks?


But the woman leaves with a laugh when she sees the kid’s reaction.

This little Romeo is already showing his flirty side! He notices the beautiful woman approaching and swiftly turns his head in a flirtatious manner!

He was really hoping the woman would stop for a cuddle maybe? Or at least pet him once!

Sadly neither happens as the lady just passes by. The child gets back to his position and maybe imagines a scenario where the woman does stop for him. A scenario where his flirt does not go to waste but is rewarded?


A flirt in the making, isn’t this cute little one?

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