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What This Artist Does To Her Face Seriously Messes With People’s Minds

Makeup artist Dain Yoon from Seoul, South Korea, turns simple makeup into a true optical illusion who messing with people minds. The artist pays very close attention to his works, attention that we can observe from the following images. But her unique talent and technique of mirroring reality through make-up are something you definitely need to see. Through his works the artist plays with the minds of the viewers in a mode which you have never seen before.

“The reason I started to paint illusions is that I believe people live in illusions. People perceive everything in their own subjective way. My illusions distort reality and perception that are generally shared by most people.”

Dain Yoon

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“A lot of people seem to think illusion means tricking people into something but I don’t think of it that way. I don’t think of illusion necessarily as trickery but a wider concept. I think that anything that seems slightly different from its original form could be an illusion or take you out of the illusion you’re living in,” 


“I have always enjoyed painting since I was very young, and, frankly speaking, it was what I was best at. I attended Yewon Arts Secondary and Seoul Arts High School, graduating at the top of my class. These art schools are the most prestigious in Korea. After I got into art college, I studied scenography. I had a chance to design theatrical makeup and to draw on the body of actors of plays,”  Dain Yoon



































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