Karma Kick

Do you believe in Karma? After seeing this incident you will!

The guy wanted to hit the other guy with the ball. But the ball struck him back! What a funny sight!

It’s a live example of the phrase ‘one who digs pits for others will fall in themselves’. The guy deserved it, didn’t he?

The guy who threw the ball must have been shocked himself! He wouldn’t have thought that his shot will revert back to him like that.


Well, laws of physics: every action has an equal and opposite reaction! What a poor unfortunate guy, the ball hit him straight on the face!

There are certain situations in our lives where before you could understand what happened it hits you right on the face. Probably that was your own doing! But never mind, it happens to all of us.

Moments like the one in this gif are also alright, having fun with your friends is important. After all, light moments like these are what make friendships memorable, right?

If you also play football and hit your friend like this, you should be careful. Otherwise, the ball might hit you back as it did here.


Now that won’t be a pretty sight. So hit them well(or maybe not) and keep yourself safe!

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